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  • Chinese remains relevant and useful as an important medium for communicating globally. However, it may be challenging for young learners to learn the language well when they are just starting out. As part of our Primary School programmes, our Chinese classes are designed to help learners hone their writing skills and vocabulary. The classes include writing and speaking exercises that will train students to familiarise themselves with new vocabulary and use them effectively in both written and spoken form.

Primary 1 Preparatory Programme – K2 Hanyu Pinyin

  • A mastery of Hanyu Pinyin skills, which is important to kickstart the learning journey in Chinese language, will greatly help young Learners to perform better in Chinese language at the onset of their formal school journey.

  • Our programme aims to build an important foundation for young Learners in the Chinese language with an emphasis on developing phonemic awareness, word blending and reading proficiencies. Coupled with our smart-enabled interactive whiteboards, which are connected to relevant online resources, this programme will keep our young Learners actively engaged and excited with plentiful of meaningful and purposeful materials.

Primary School Chinese Language

  • Designed to build a strong foundation that can help Learners achieve consistent performance, our programme focuses on strengthening the basics of Chinese language with a key emphasis on recognition of words, oral presentation and written expression. Weekly lessons also aim to help learners sharpen their language application skills and prepare them for assessments.

  • To achieve better learning effectiveness, all our tuition learning centres are now equipped with smart-enabled interactive whiteboards, connected to relevant online resources, to augment our method of instructions as well as to present meaningful and purposeful materials that not only accelerate the learning process of our Learners, but also excite them in their discovery of new learnings.

Secondary School Chinese Language

  • The ability to grasp reading, comprehension and writing skills are important to perform well in Secondary School Chinese Language. And a strong foundation of Chinese is usually built on a good vocabulary knowledge base and consistent practice. Our Secondary School Language programme aims to hone the language skills of Learners in these areas, with a focus on expanding their Chinese vocabulary knowledge, strengthening morphological awareness, as well as sharpening their application skills. To further enhance their language proficiencies, exposure to different texts, readings, discussions and reflections will also train Learners to achieve higher order thinking skills and learn more effectively.