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  • English is the lingua franca of Singapore, as well as the most widely spoken language in the world. Its importance in both the local and international context cannot be understated. By attending English tuition classes in Singapore, students will not only be taught how to excel in their exams but also to use the language effectively in their future studies and careers.
  • Having a strong command of the English language helps lay the foundation for a significant portion of your child’s education and life beyond that. This is because the English language is the primary medium of communication used in schools – from Primary School to Universities – and workplaces. If your child struggles with the subject, they might have a challenging time communicating with others at school and in their future workplace. As such, it is advisable for you to enrol your child in English tuition classes at the start of their educational journey.
  • At the Junior Learners Learning Centre, our English tuition lessons are designed to help students who find it challenging to grasp the concepts taught in school, including grammar, spelling, and phonetics. We also understand that every child learns at their own pace, so our dedicated teachers will take note of what works best for your child and match their styles accordingly. Feel free to send us an inquiry before enrolling your child in our English tuition classes today.

Primary 1 Preparatory Programme – English

  • The Junior Learners Learning Centre offers Primary 1 Preparatory Course for English Language to help young learners gain proficiency when it comes to speaking and writing the language. The English language can be difficult to acquire even by young children, especially if it is not the primary mode of communication at home.

  • There are a number of words in the English language that sound similar to one another and can be very confusing for non-native speakers. This is the very reason why enrolling your child in an English language Tuition Centre from a young age is beneficial. A preparatory course in Primary Level 1 for the English Language is available at the Junior Learners Learning Centre.

  • Our Primary 1 Preparatory Course is designed to give a fun and dynamic learning experience for very young students. Apart from familiarisation with words and phonemes, these English lessons incorporate group activities to help students to gradually improve their English language competence without putting them under strain.

Primary English

  • A strong foundation in the English language is crucial for advanced education. And excelling in the PSLE English exam is critical to progress well to secondary school and beyond. An excellent way to hone your child’s skills in English is through constant targeted practice and that is what we offer in our English tuition classes in Singapore.
  • In our English tuition lessons, our teachers focus on strengthening the knowledge and skills of our students in grammar, spelling, syntax, and semantics which help to build a strong foundation in the English language.
  • When your child enrols in our programme, they will be closely guided by our subject specialists to ensure they gain proficiency in Primary School English. We also look to make learning fun and our lessons engaging so that our students will develop an interest in the English language, which will further encourage them to do well in their examinations. Learn more about our programme and enrol your child today!

Secondary English

  • The transition from Primary to Secondary School English will require greater proficiency from students in the subject, especially in the writing component. With English being taught at a more advanced level, it is essential for students to be equipped with the relevant strategies and techniques to excel in Secondary School English.

    At the Junior Learners Learning Centre, our English tuition programmes are specifically designed to develop students’ practical application of the English language in more formal situations. The classes also aim to develop their familiarity with the different examinable aspects of O-Level English, including the oft-dreaded summary writing component.

  • Let us share why attending an English tuition class is crucial for children at this stage of their education. Firstly, English is the medium of communication for most subjects and disciplines in Secondary School and beyond. Secondly, English is a subject that plays a critical role in the GCE O-level examination. A good grade can determine whether your child is eligible to enrol in their ideal school and programme.

  • This is why more and more parents are opting to enrol their children in an English tuition centre to hone their skills and prepare them for the upcoming exam. Should you wish to enrol your child in our learning centres, do not hesitate to contact us today!