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Mathematics is arguably one of the toughest subjects to master, and its progressive nature requires students to first be familiar with fundamental Maths topics in order to understand more complex ones. Our educational curriculum for the Mathematics subject works in such a way that every lesson is a building block for the future lessons. Thus, understanding every lesson is the key to excelling in the subject. This is the very reason why attending Maths Tuition in Singapore is very important for students in different educational levels.

Maths tuition helps students bridge learning gaps between topics and keep up with the syllabus whilst picking up invaluable examination techniques. A contrast to the crowded classroom where students who are having difficulty in studying Maths may feel ashamed to ask their teachers in fear of embarrassment, Maths Tuition Centres allow for lesser and more concentrated class size.This will give your child more focus in understanding the lessons and every grey area will easily be known to the tutor so he/she can help the learner through it. Here at The Junior Learners Learning Centre, we are offering Maths Tuition for primary and secondary school students. Enrol your child with us today!

Primary 1 Preparatory Programme – Mathematics

The Junior Learners Learning Centre offers a Primary 1 Preparatory Course for Mathematics where young learners can have their first learning experience in the subject. This course is recommended for kids who will soon attend formal education in the Primary level.

Our Primary 1 Preparatory Course in Mathematics will familiarise your child to numbers and number systems, their orders, basic operations and the likes. We use diagrams and illustrations in teaching this course so young learners will be able to easily grasp the topic while being entertained with colourful learning aids.

This course is a good start to prepare the child in his/her Primary Mathematics classes. With this course, your child will be able to carry adequate knowledge and skills that will be useful in learning the fundamentals in Mathematics upon entering Primary School. This can also serve as a gauge to see how well your child can do in the subject.

Primary Maths

Mathematics can be quite an intimidating subject for children who are not into numbers and problem solving. This fear of the subject causes the children to skip trying to solve Math problems or learn the concepts. This is the very reason why we at The Junior Learners Learning Centre incorporate a different approach for our Maths Tuition for Primary School Students. Our methodologies are aimed to make the children realise that there is nothing to be afraid of the subject.

Our Primary School Maths tuition in Singapore is designed to be fun, engaging, and inviting, providing students with the knowledge to build a strong foundation in Maths that will serve them well for the years to come. We also employ real-life scenarios in our Maths Tuition so our students can easily relate to the concepts that at first, may sound too by-the-book for them.

Secondary Elementary Maths

Secondary School Elementary Mathematics (E-Maths) is essentially everyday Maths, comprising topics like Algebra, Measurements, and Statistics. Our tuition programmes are hence also tailored to expose students to realistic, everyday situations involving Maths for a more multidimensional learning experience.

Secondary Additional Maths

Secondary School Additional Mathematics (A-Maths) is more abstract, with topics like Trigonometry and Calculus being a key theme of the syllabus. Our tuition programmes help break down complex terminologies and concepts so that students can better visualise these topics, an essential skill if they wish to pursue advanced Mathematics at a tertiary level.