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Primary School Programmes

Primary School years serve as one of the foundational blocks of a student’s educational journey. Grasping the fundamentals well at this stage of their journey is key to academic success as subjects will become increasingly complex over time. The Junior Learners Learning Centre offers fun and interactive Primary School programmes that will help learners to master the fundamentals needed to excel in Primary School. Our teachers are graduates with well-recognised degrees and equipped with the required experience to deliver quality and effective lessons for our Primary School students. Check out the different classes that we offer at this level below.


The English language is the lingua franca of Singapore, and its importance cannot be understated in the context of an increasingly globalised economy that uses the English language as an international medium of communication. Our Primary School programmes designed for the English subject teaches young learners the basics of grammar, spelling, syntax, and semantics used. Your child will be closely guided by our subject specialists to gain proficiency in Primary School English.


Our Maths Tuition in Singapore is designed to help the students build a strong foundation on the fundamental concepts of the Mathematics subject. As educators, we are very aware why many learners are finding Mathematics as difficult. We wish to work on these fears and disinterest by providing a learning environment that makes Mathematics more relatable and easier to digest for Primary School learners. Talk to us today for more information about our Primary Maths Tuition.


The Science subject is a complex study that branches out to more solid learning areas as the student climbs higher through the educational ladder. Thus, it is crucial for students in the Primary level to understand and appreciate the lessons under the Primary Science to have a strong foundation for their future studies. Our Science Tuition is designed to inculcate the basic concepts in Science through interactive activities. Enrol your child in our Primary Science Tuition in Singapore today!

English Creative Writing

One of our goals here at the Junior Learners Learning Centre is to ignite the students interest in writing and hone their creative writing skills through our English creative writing classes in Singapore. We understand how crucial it is to gain leverage when it comes to written communication. Not only will it improve the learner’s grammar and composition but will also prepare him/her for the essay writing included in most of the academic exams.


Chinese remains relevant and useful as an important medium for communicating globally. However, it may be challenging for young learners to learn the language well when they are just starting out. As part of our Primary School programmes, our Chinese classes are designed to help learners hone their writing skills and vocabulary. The classes include writing and speaking exercises that will train students to familiarise themselves with new vocabulary and use them effectively in both written and spoken form.


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Primary School

All our teachers are graduates with well-recognised degrees and equipped with the…

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