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English Creative Writing Tip #3

Lastly, expression woes are on our list of significant issues that students face when writing their compositions. If you relate to this, give our solution a try!

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English Creative Writing Tip #2

We have uncertain planning as one of the main issues that students face while writing. Test our tips to achieve greater improvements in your writing!

English Creative Writing Tip #1

Do you identify with this issue? It is a common problem that many students face. Try our tips in your journey towards improvement!

Why We Believe in Small Class Sizes at The Junior Learners

Over the years, that has been an increase in “crash courses” that max out class sizes by having at least 40 students enrolled in them. While it ultimately depends on what students want out of the class or their personal learning needs, we believe that small class sizes are the most optimal for students seeking to effectively engage with the content that is being taught and to apply what they have learnt to a variety of question types.

This ultimately instils greater confidence in them and encourages them to challenge themselves academically. Here are some reasons why we strongly believe in having small class sizes.

1. Conducive Environment for Learning and Collaboration

With smaller class sizes (of maximum 8), there are greater opportunities for group learning and extensive collaboration over a longer period of time. Research has shown that group learning, which is inevitable in a small class setting, typically leads to high-quality collaborative experiences for students. Through collaboration with other students, they are also challenged in their ways of thinking by engaging with different opinions from their classmates. They also receive support from others as they get to tackle difficult questions alongside their peers which further enhances their learning experience in class.

2. Effective Engagement 

A smaller group size encourages effective engagement between teachers and students. With a smaller group of students, teachers are able to better customise their lessons according to their students’ needs. A tailored teaching style that appeals to students and enables them to grasp concepts better in class is what allows them to learn better compared to the usual school environment. Our Learning System is specially designed to suit the dynamics of a small class size to further enhance these benefits.

3. Greater Attention Given to Individual Students

Another advantage of learning within a small group setting is that greater attention is given to every student. Teachers are able to keep track of every student’s progress and give them specialised and focused feedback that effectively points out any areas of improvement that they may have. This accelerates the process of improvement for students who are already pressed for time and trying to cope with a fast paced syllabus.

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