4 Benefits of Tuition Classes

A recent study has shown how the average household expenditure on tuition has consistently risen over the years. Then again, we don’t need statistics to find evidence of exponential growth in the tuition industry. In malls all across Singapore, for instance, more tuition learning centres have replaced defunct arcades and video game stores. This trend is hardly surprising considering how competitive it has become for students to get into prestigious schools, even at a primary school level. Parents are willing to pay a premium to send their children to tuition learning centres for that academic edge over their peers. Amidst the tuition frenzy, there are tried and tested benefits to enrolling your child at a tuition learning centre; after all, without results, tuition centres wouldn’t be growing the way they’re growing in the first place. If you’re considering sending your child for tuition classes, here are 4 ways they can benefit from this.


Help with Homework

student concentration tuition learning centres

If your child has trouble catching up in class, chances are they will struggle with homework as well, since their basic understanding of the topic isn’t there to begin with. Enrolling them at a tuition learning centre places them in the hands of an experienced tutor who is able to give your child the guidance they need to tackle their homework and assignments. By being able to overcome difficult problems, your child will also gain the confidence to venture further into the subject moving forward.


Learning New Topics Early

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As tuition learning centres don’t have a strict schedule to adhere to unlike most schools, they are able to cover new topics before they are actually taught in school. Tuition learning centres, however, are not restricted to prescribed schedules, and so students get to be exposed to these new topics earlier, therefore giving them more time to adapt and adjust to new ideas and solutions. This enables them to understand the topics more easily when they are eventually covered in school, giving them an edge over their peers who will only be seeing them for the first time.


Smaller Class Environment

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School teachers are often swamped, and that’s already an understatement; in just one class alone, each teacher has to tend to an average of 35 to 40 students concurrently. This leaves them very little time to focus on individual students, especially those who might find it difficult to catch up with the rest of the class. Without proper guidance, it becomes a vicious cycle that snowballs to the point where some students give up altogether, having fallen too far behind. Tuition learning centres solve this issue by grouping students into small classes where it’s much easier for the tutor to devote more attention to each of them, giving them the opportunity to ask questions and catch up. When students feel like they have made a breakthrough, they will be more motivated to persevere and work hard.


Improvement in Grades

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Above all, the biggest advantage of sending your child to a tuition learning centre is that they will receive all the tools that they need to improve their grades. Of course, this is ultimately down to them, but they will be in a better position to do so; that is the very reason tuition learning centres exist. Each tuition learning centre employs different methodologies to accomplish this. Here at The Junior Learners for instance, we only employ experienced tutors who are experts in their respective fields and are also highly passionate about nurturing your child and helping them excel in school. Additionally, we keep our rates reasonable because every child deserves an equal opportunity to succeed. First opened in 2002, we have since expanded and now have atuition centre in Pasir Ris, Potong Pasir, as well as our recently opened tuition centre in Tampines to cater to the growing eastside community! Do visit our website for more information about our tuition services.