English Creative Writing Classes Singapore | Common Issues

Composition writing is certainly no walk in the park. The practice of planning and executing a good story requires essential ingredients, like creativity, composure, and clarity of thought in order for students to accurately express their ideas in words. Over the years, students have been plagued by three common issues when it comes to writing essays.

Issue #1: Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a common issue even amongst seasoned writers, let alone students who are not as prepared for the mental gymnastics required to ideate and write a proper story. It does not help either, that composition writing exams place students in high-pressure time constraints that could further hinder their ability to think coherently. The million-dollar question here is essentially —

“What should I write about?”
When the question is presented in our English Creative Writing classes, students are often undecided on what they should write about. They want their story to stand out but are unable to identify the right ideas that will help them achieve that.

As a result, precious time is lost and the quality of their writing is compromised because too much time is spent on coming up with a storyline.

Our solution?
Honing different writing skills through consistent and targeted practice. Our English Creative Writing System enhances the necessary writing skills needed to excel.

Issue #2: Uncertain Planning

“Where do I begin?”
Often, students are brimming with ideas for their composition, but are unsure of how they can best structure those ideas in a unique and creative way that enhances the quality of their writing. We need to find a way to direct and streamline different trains of thought into a singular, coherent channel.

Our solution?
Increase frequency of practice and exposure to different types of composition questions during English Creative Writing classes. At The Junior Learners, we have designed an English Creative Writing System that equips our students with the ability to plan and create engaging storylines easily.

Issue #3: Expression Woes

“How do I put my thoughts into words?”
Even with a clear storyline in place, students struggle to find the right words to express their thoughts, and the right phrasing that fully encapsulates the meaning of the ideas that they wish to convey in their writing. It’s more common if they’re fundamentally not accustomed to sharing their thoughts and feelings, be it verbally or in writing. Helping students come out of their shells allows them to be more expressive in their writing.

For example:

“Tom gave an “intense” speech.”

How we can make this better:

“Tom gave an impassioned speech on climate change during his school’s assembly.”

Our solution?
By enrolling in English Creative Writing classes, students will have consistent and guided practice, and with feedback from our teachers, they will be able to take greater strides towards improving the quality of their written expressions.