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As experienced educators, we are passionate about helping our young learners excel in their studies. We believe that education is the cornerstone to having greater access to opportunities in the future. Outside of classes at our tuition learning centre, we hope to further complement our students’ learning with practical tips that can help them to better strategise their approach towards learning the different subjects. Additionally, we include tips that parents can follow to help their children in their studies.

Creating A Conducive Learning Environment For Your Child

Is your child often distracted by the TV or mobile devices when studying at home? Unfortunately, this is a common problem that many parents in Singapore struggle to resolve.

Exploring the Different Types of Learning Styles

Everyone has their preferred learning style that benefits them. Let us share the different learning styles so that you can understand which best fits your child.

3 Benefits of Creative Writing Classes

English creative writing classes primarily help with composition writing, but the skills your child picks up will also aid them in different aspects of life.

Qualities of a Good Tutor

Being a good tutor takes more than just teaching. Here are the qualities to look out for when deciding if a prospective learning centre is right for your child.

E Math and A Math: What’s The Difference?

Before deciding if your child should take on A Math in Upper Secondary, here are a few considerations to ensure that this will be in their best interests.

English Creative Writing Classes Singapore | Common Issues

It’s not easy to write an engaging story, especially under time constraints. We explore 3 common issues students struggle with and how they can overcome them.

Tips and Tricks to Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is something most people have probably experienced at some point in their lives, whether it is in school, at work, or even at home.

4 Benefits of Tuition Classes

A recent study has shown how the average household expenditure on tuition has consistently risen over the years. Then again, we don’t need statistics


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