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As experienced educators, we are passionate about helping our young learners excel in their studies. We believe that education is the cornerstone to having greater access to opportunities in the future. Outside of classes at our tuition learning centre, we hope to further complement our students’ learning with practical tips that can help them to better strategise their approach towards learning the different subjects. Additionally, we include tips that parents can follow to help their children in their studies.

A Deeper Look: Comparing Physics, Biology, And Chemistry

What are the differences between Physics, Chemistry, and Biology? We’ll take a look at these 3 subjects and recommend the ideal subject combination students should take.

A Comprehensive Guide To Tuition Classes and Subjects In Singapore

This article will share the benefits of private tutoring, a breakdown of the common subjects that tuition centres offer, and tips to help students ace their exams.

5 Tips To Help Your Child Prep For A Major Examination

Are you wondering how you can help your child prepare for their tests? If so, let us share various exam strategies to help your child score well in their exams.

The Importance of Science in Everyday Life

Science has a significant impact on our daily lives. From mundane tasks like boiling water

4 Tell-Tale Signs That Indicates Your Child Needs Tutoring

Does my child need a tutor? This is undoubtedly a question that pops into the mind of every parent.

4 Exciting Career Options For Maths Enthusiasts

Does your child demonstrate excellent aptitude for maths during their math tuition classes?

Creating A Conducive Learning Environment For Your Child

Is your child often distracted by the TV or mobile devices when studying at home? Unfortunately, this is a common problem that many parents in Singapore struggle to resolve.

Exploring the Different Types of Learning Styles

Everyone has their preferred learning style that benefits them. Let us share the different learning styles so that you can understand which best fits your child.

3 Benefits of Creative Writing Classes

English creative writing classes primarily help with composition writing, but the skills your child picks up will also aid them in different aspects of life.


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Some of the programmes are not published in the website. Please check with our centre’s staff for up-to-date programmes schedules.


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