Science Tuition in Singapore

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  • Similar to Math, Science is a technical subject with complex topics and terminologies to digest, which can be an intimidating experience. Apart from the fact that there are lots of concepts and principles that are needed to be understood and memorised in the Science subject, children must also learn how to apply these concepts in a real-life scenario. Thus, backing up your child’s Science lessons in school with a good Science Tuition in Singapore is a good way to help him/her excel in the subject.

  • Our Science tuition aims to unpack these complex topics and break them down into easy-to-understand, bite-sized pieces. Our experienced Science tutors also strive to make each lesson enjoyable and enriching, so students will feel at ease and gain the confidence that they need to excel. Moreover, both our Primary and Secondary Science Tuition do not only teach learners to memorise the various concepts in Science subjects, we are also helping them apply the principles in their observations of daily living. This way, we can hone their knowledge while preparing their skills for the essay format examinations in the GCE. Learn more about our Primary and Secondary Science Tuition today.

Primary School Science

  • Given that Primary School Science is the last subject to be introduced at that level, the syllabus is understandably intense. Our Primary School Science tuition in Singapore gives students a safe and conducive learning environment where they will be given the time and space to learn at a pace that is rarely afforded to them in school.

Secondary School Science

  • Want to help your child excel with the many disciplines included in the Secondary school Science subjects? The answer for that is our combined Secondary Science Tuition that offers a unique learning experience for our students in the Secondary curriculum. This type of Secondary Science Tuition combines the three fundamental Sciences into a single course to allow your child to learn every area simultaneously. All while keeping our tuition fees more affordable and reasonably priced as compared to other tuition centres.

  • As the name suggests, Secondary School Combined Science is a combination of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. While students won’t be required to study the full curriculum for all three Sciences, it’s still a challenging undertaking in its own right. Our Secondary School Combined Science tuition programmes are designed to equip students with the fundamental knowledge for all three Sciences and how they can manage those disciplines concurrently.

Secondary Pure Chemistry

  • Our Secondary School Pure Chemistry tuition programmes are tailored to help students understand complex Chemistry topics, write accurate chemical equations, and master Mole’s Concept whilst equipping them with essential lab practical skills needed to excel in O-Level Chemistry.

Secondary Pure Physics

  • Pure Physics is a theory-intensive subject and our Secondary School Pure Physics tuition programmes are geared towards ensuring that students are well versed with the syllabus and familiar with the different kinds of questions that will be tested in an O-Level Physics paper.

Secondary Pure Biology

  • Our Secondary School Pure Biology tuition classes are designed to help students prepare for their O-Level Biology paper by building on their knowledge of the exam format and syllabus, theoretical and practical proficiency, and plenty of opportunities for consistent practice.