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Secondary school subjects are far more complex than Primary ones. Apart from having more intricate lessons,they are often divided into specific branches and the teaching method is more in-depth. For this reason, students may find it difficult to learn the subjects at school alone. At our tuition centres, we offer Secondary School Science tuition, Maths tuition and English tuition to help students overcome their learning difficulties.


Secondary School Programmes

Secondary School builds on the foundations that have already been laid out in Primary School, as students are exposed to advanced subjects, concepts, and terms in preparation for their tertiary years ahead. Without a strong Primary School foundation, it could be difficult to grasp complex concepts in Secondary school, which, if left unchecked, could turn into a progressively larger learning gap. For this reason, taking supplementary tuition, Secondary School Science Tuition for instance, can really make a difference.

The Junior Learners Learning Centre’s Secondary School programmes are designed not just to get students up to speed with the current syllabus, but to also ensure that their foundations are strong enough to sustain their ability to understand and eventually master Secondary School subjects. Secondary School Science tuition, same for Maths and English are essential for the child’s learning journey. Get them started with these classes below.


  • English is one of the main languages being used as a medium of communication in Singapore. Apart from being used at work or at home, most subjects being taught in school also use the English language. Thus, it is only vital that students gain proficiency when it comes to the English language. Our English tuition in Singapore is designed for that. Apart from regular practice in speaking the language, we also help students gain deeper knowledge in grammar and composition writing

E/A Mathematics

  • Our Secondary Maths tuition in Singapore includes programmes for Elementary Maths and Additional Maths. Every lesson in our Secondary Maths programmes is closely guided by our dedicated team of teachers who are capable of employing effective teaching methodologies to match the learning styles of our learners.

Elementary Mathematics

  • Elementary mathematics focuses on the development of mathematical concepts and their application, as well as problem-solving, numerical and logical reasoning, and advanced thinking skills. Through graded assignments, students will improve their investigative abilities, mathematical communication, proper computation and estimating skills, and mental calculation. Since Elementary Mathematics builds upon the foundation of learners in the subject of Mathematics, it is only crucial to let qualified and experienced teachers guide them.

Additional Mathematics

  • Additional Mathematics is an optional course offered to secondary school students in Singapore who show a flair for mathematic. In comparison to Elementary Mathematics, the syllabus covers more topics, including Differential and Integral Calculus as well as advanced topics in Algebra and Geometry. Additional Mathematics may also be required for students who plan to take H2 Mathematics at A-levels when they attend a Junior College following Secondary school.

Secondary Science Chem/Phy/Bio

  • The Secondary Science Tuition we are offering in Singapore consists of three different programmes to cover each Science subject with more depth and focus. Secondary school learners may enrol in our Chemistry, Biology and Physics classes for our Secondary Science tuition programmes. Our teaching methodology involves familiarisation with scientific concepts, practical learnings and enhancing the reasoning skills of our learners to prepare them for the examinations and future learnings.


    Secondary Chemistry

    • To perform well in Chemistry, students not only require a deep understanding and strong application of scientific concepts and principles, but also the needs to develop thinking skills necessary to explain and solve problems related to chemical systems. We have spent years formulating effective lessons, experiments and teaching methodologies to pique the interest of learners and help them understand complex topics better.

    Secondary Physics

    • Physics can be a very demanding subject for Secondary school students as it requires a combination of Mathematical competency, as well as scientific reasoning knowledge and skills. It is also a subject that requires strong application skills. For this reason, enrolling your child to a good Physics tuition will allow him/her to grasp the concepts better and learn effective problem-solving techniques to cope with the subject.

    Secondary Biology

    • Biology involves the appreciation of organisms and life processes. From basic cellular structures, animal and plant systems to more complex chemical and the interactions between living and non-living organisms, Biology requires good conceptual knowledge and sufficient understanding of biological processes to do well in the subject. Our Biology programme aims to simplify complex concepts to make it easier for learners to learn the subject and gain the required proficiency and confidence to perform well in examinations.


    • Secondary school Chinese language involves important skillsets such as reading, speaking, writing and listening. To hone these skillsets, students need to work on the enabling skills that can provide them with the competencies to build stronger vocabulary, improve sentence construction, and apply grammar rules proficiently.


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