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About The Junior Learners Learning Centre

Here’s why attending classes at a tuition learning centre can be crucial for your child. To have the optimal conditions needed for learning, students should have a multitude of opportunities to get involved in their learning experiences in the classroom, a conducive environment, and competent teachers to help facilitate the learning process. The Junior Learners Learning Centre aims to offer these exact conditions to give students the learning experiences they need to excel in their studies. These include smaller class sizes for more focused learning.

Apart from our tuition centre in Pasir Ris, we also have another tuition centre in Potong Pasir, as well as our newly opened centre in Tampines North, and we are pleased to be able to bring reliable and effective tuition programmes to these communities.

Our Tuition Centre in Pasir Ris

As a planning area and residential town, Pasir Ris is a home for many families in Singapore, most of which have one or more children who are studying from Preschool to Junior College under the care and support of their parents. Apart from the populated neighbourhood, Pasir Ris is also very accessible to nearby towns through various transportations including the Bus Interchanged and the MRT Station, making it an ideal place to establish a learning institution that aims to bring education closer to homes. Thus, we have opened a tuition centre in Pasir Ris that is currently operating to educate young learners in the town and the nearby areas.

As part of our commitment to honing children’s knowledge and skills in various academic areas, we have equipped our tuition centre in Pasir Ris with technologies that can make the facility more conducive to learning. Our educators from this centre are dedicated and specialists in the subjects they are teaching. Apart from these strengths,our tuition centre in Pasir Ris also ensures an affordable rate for the tuition services that we are offering.


Envisioning Future Learners


To be the provider of choice for quality educational services in preschool, primary school and secondary school levels.


To develop and deliver quality teaching that meets students’ learning needs using effective teaching methodologies by well-regarded professionals in a conducive learning environment. We promise an overall positive learning experience for our learners.

Our Tuition Centre in Tampines

The Junior Learners Learning Centre has always been passionate and dedicated to our goal of reaching more children and parents who are willing to enrol in a tuition centre to improve their grades and academic performances in school. The establishment of our tuition centre in Tampines is aligned with this goal.

Dubbed as the third largest new town in Singapore, Tampines is not just known as a planning area but a large residential town, housing many families with children attending the various school levels. As a neighbouring town to other saturated residential areas in East Singapore, the place is a convenient location for children attending our tuition centre in Tampines after school hours.

Apart from the strategic location, our tuition centre in Tampines engages the best educators and employs quality in-house learning materials to help your child excel in his/her subjects as well as prepare him/her for the GCE examinations. We also maintain an affordable rate for our tuition services to make quality education more accessible for everyone.